Our students are

  • Joyful

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Our students

Our students join us because they (or their parents) are French, are fond of France, French food, cultural background, or because they attend a French-speaking school.

Whatever their goal, we welcome them and provide and ideal environment to have fun while leaning and improving fast.

Generally speaking, our students attend the playground for 3 to 5 years, and parents are often surprised to see how much their child has improved over the years – thanks to our specific methods.

Why is it important to learn French specifically?

Opening one’s mind to a new language means that they will be aware of other opinions, different ways of living, and globally more open to new ideas and concepts.

In our global world, speaking other languages is a main asset in a curriculum and shall help your child to have successful studies and a bright career.

French is one of the main languages spoken in the world, with 274 million people being French speakers in 2016, and French being one of the official languages of the Olympic Games, of the European Union, of diplomatic networks and many culture-related areas.

The French have developed a lot of successful international businesses in fields such as:

  • fashion
  • wines and food
  • restaurants
  • perfume
  • luxury

Despite its medium size, France is a leading county in the world and has a major influence in the European Union, while being very active globally, at political and business level.

The history of France makes it a great country, the most visited in the world. Hence, if your child later on wants a career in the tourism industry, he / she may have to speak French. Think about it!

Our playground is an ideal way to start a French-oriented education.

We prepare them from the very young age, preparing their mind to be open, and thus to learn more easily.

If you are French-speakers yourself, we encourage you to interact with your child at home in French, and you will see that our combined efforts will very quickly make your child’s level skyrocket.

For a new brain, the sooner the better, so, let them start young to get the best results!

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