Term & Conditions

Please read carefully these terms and conditions before registering for a French class. When registering for a class, you acknowledge having read in their entirety and agreed to the following terms:


You can register with MyLittleFrench as follows:

  1. In person at the MyLittleFrench centre
  2. Application by internet on our website: www.mylittlefrench.com,
    onglet: contact@mylittlefrench.com

Registration to the classes is done subject to availability of places.

A trial course is possible at the cost of HKD100 for one hour. Please contact the administration of MyLittleFrench to register.

Registration to a course session is valid for a minimum of one full month of courses (that is to say, four to five courses in one month).

Classes are subject to a maximum number of students to enable us to give individual attention to each student. MyLittleFrench reserves the right not to register students above the number of students stipulated.

In order to guarantee a safe and productive working environment adapted to our students, MyLittleFrench reserve the right to refuse or terminate the subscription of a student at any time. In this case, the school fees paid will be refunded prorata.

The registration form together with the terms and conditions must be filled and handed to MyLittleFrench upon the first registration.


Payment is made as follows:

  1. In cash (a receipt will be issued)
  2. By cheque to: My Little French
  3. By bank transfert to our HSBC business account : 848-225215-838
    Payment of the school fees must be done in full before the first class of the month, or at the latest at the first class of the month.

If a student joins the class during the month, he will pay the school fees prorata.

Some classes require the purchase of specific educational material which is not included in the school fees.

MyLittleFrench supplies this material but the purchase costs are to be paid by the student (see the list of material).

Missed classes, cancellation or catch-up classes

If a class is missed, it will not be reimbursed or replaced by a catch-up class. However the class invoiced and missed can be taken into account in the billing at resubscription the following month within the limit of one absence per month.

Students are required to inform MyLittleFrench 24h before.

In the case where a class is cancelled due to the unavalaibility of the teacher, the students can attend a catch-up class set up by MyLittleFrench or ask for refunding prorata.

Classes are cancelled in case of typhoon typhon N° 8 or ‘black’ rain signal. They will be repeated and reprogrammed by MyLittleFrench during the following week.

Classes are maintained if:

– The N° 1 typhoon signal or ‘yellow’ rain is issued.
– The N° 3 typhoon signal or ‘red’ rain is issued, only for the students able to come to the MyLittleFrench centre. For the other students, the class can then be caught up with within the following 7 days. Otherwise it will be lost.

Hygiene and safety

It rests with the client to ensure that the student is perfectly fit, mentally and physically, to attend the class. Special attention must be given to the children. Please ensure that your child is in perfect health before attending a class.

Children under the age of 3 must be accompanied by an adult (with the exception of the teacher) during the whole class. The adult accompanying the child is fully responsible to look after the child during the class to ensure his/her safety and to ensure that the child will not endanger the other children.

In all cases, MyLittleFrench cannot be held responsible for accidents or damages to personalsonal property occurring in its premises. Please ensure that the students, notably children, are covered by an insurance policy.

The company will not be held responsible for any delay or failure of its performance caused by, or arising from, an act of God, fire, flood, accident, riot, war, government intervention, embargos, strikes, work conflicts, equipment failures or any other case beyond the control of the company.

These terms and conditions are governed by the laws of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. The client and MyLittleFrench agree to submit to the exclusive competence of the courts of Hong Kong. MyLittleFrench can revise these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.