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Kids Playgroup

From birth to 6 year-old children can learn quite easily, as you might already know. During this time of their life, they can recognize sounds, pronunciations and learn to mimic sounds very well, and they can even learn different languages easily and recognize them.

While immersed in a foreign environment, children act as sponges: their mind is open to every interaction, sounds or other sensitive interaction that might reach them. It’s actually the best time to teach them French or another language!

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When a child is immersed in a French-speaking environment during this golden age, their skills are actually boosted and their language development and skill can be nourished and strengthened.

My Little French provides a stress-free, child-oriented environment that lets babies, toddlers and children learn and play in a peaceful environment.

We use books, stories, and spoken interactions through board games, for instance. Thus, we develop their language skills but also get the children used to interacting and living with others, sometimes winning, sometimes losing.

We focus on:

  • oral skills and interaction with other children and the teacher
  • comprehension through stories read by the teacher and books-related activities
  • creation through arts and crafts, songs, games
  • accept and respect other children / develop their mind through fun activities: games, role-plays…
  • vocabulary improvement through different activities
  • let them develop their own opinions and independent thinking
  • 100 % French environment: your child is immersed in a new culture
  • respect every child’s speed of improvement and adapt to his / her age and level

One of our major commitments: we only teach to small groups. This is crucial for children to be at ease, learn efficiently and stay focused (for older ones) during their stay with us.

Small groups also let us adapt the activities to each children according to their taste, age, improvements and offering activities they like.

We believe that self-confidence is the key to learn a new language, but also to lead a positive life. That’s why all our activities focus on this goal: letting babies, toddlers and children act their own way, develop their own view, opinions and tastes.

We provide activities for each age group, bearing this self-confidence goal in mind.